Common failures and troubleshooting methods (2)

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Possible causes fuel system failure
Cause AnalysisMethod of exclusion
Mixed gas is too thick or too thinCheck and adjust the mixture screw
Throttle linkage imbalanceTo adjust the throttle cable
The tubing is twisted, flattening or leakageFinishing the tubing, if the rupture is replaced with new products
Fuel filter cloggingClean or replace the fuel filter
Carburetor oil blockageClean and blow through the oil channel with compressed air.

Fuel storage time is too long or the fuel contains impurities and moisture

Clean the fuel tank and fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel.
Did not use the recommended brand of oilFor the manufacturer's recommended grades of outboard engine oil
Do not unscrew the vent screw capCounterclockwise unscrew the screw cap the tank ventilation
The choke is pulled pull rodThe pull rod is pushed back the original position of solar term open all doors
Tubing plug connection looseRe insert the head, make it a reliable connection
Fuel pump failureTo repair or replace a new fuel pump

Possible reasons for the failure of electrical systems
Cause analysisElimination method

Spark plug electrode point carbon serious or model incorrect or spark plug damage

Clean the spark plug or replace the recommended model spark plug, if the damage should be replaced by new products

Spark plug gap is not correctCheck and adjust the gap between the spark plug electrodes
The connector between the wire contactClean the connector and the plug tight
Ignition system parts failureIdentify the cause, repair or replace new products
The connector between the wire contactClean connectors, and insert it firmly