The use of outboards and installation method

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Use of outboard motor

Outboard normal use under the following environmental conditions

(1) Air temperature -5 to 40 degrees Celsius

(2) relative humidity less than 85%

(3) outboard water surface (0 ~ 5m) temperature for 2 to 30 degrees Celsius

The operator's requirements

(1) The operator should be familiar with the rules of the outboard motor, traffic rules and channel the water sailing conditions.

(2) Outboard inspection and maintenance should consult outboards art outboard motor or manual read to understand.

Install the outboard motor

Installation height of the ship's stern and shipping of

Minor outboard applicable transom height range: 380 ~ 450mm

Transom thickness: 40 ~ ± 50 Haomi

Correct installation height outboards are: outboard vortex plate below the bottom of the hull from 0 to 25 mm

According to sail when the rear outboard vortex size, engine speed when the level to determine the mounting height of the outboard motor transom. If the outboard mounting height is too low, the water resistance will increase, affecting the engine's efficiency and speed, if the outboard is installed too high, the propeller blades cutting the air out of the water, reducing the thrust will cause the engine speed increases and overheating, insufficient supply of cooling water, so that the body damage.