The new outboards running

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Running the outboard motor

HANGKAI new outboard motor manufacturer at the factory for each outboards have carried out a short test of running and debugging, to ensure that the entire run-in period of the engine has the best performance and long life new outboards general points four stages, a total of eight hours.

When running, the volume of fuel and oil used in the mixing ratio of 25: 1

(1) Outboard motors start hanging neutral, throttle control in less than 1000 rev / min, running 10 minutes;

(2) when the run began outboard hanging forward gears, throttle control operation in 1/4 (25%) 50 minutes;

(3) Next, the engine control 50% throttle, speed 2500 to 3500 rev / min is not getting off the change, running time of 2 hours;

(4) the engine speed up to 3500 to 4500 rev / min, 80% do not throttle control in the changing gradually, running time of 3 hours;

(5) the engine can be run at any speed, running time of 2 hours, but full throttle running time should not exceed 10 minutes, to a reasonable conversion at different throttle speed. After eight hours in front of the run, the engine can switch to 50: 1 volume of petrol and oil mix ratio.