Outboards operation

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Outboard operations

Starting of the engine

Starting the following steps:

(1) turn off the emergency stop switch cable card inserted in the slot (see Figure 1)

(2) fuel pipeline progress nozzle plug in the fuel tank outlet (see Figure 2)

(3) to the nipple plug in the base of the outboard motor oil pipe socket (see Figure 3)


(4) counterclockwise unscrew the tank cover vent screw (see Figure 4)

(5) core hand squeeze the hand pump several times until the fuel oil is full of hard to feel a hand pump up (see Figure 5)

(6) the shift handle into "neutral" position (see Figure 6)

(7) The throttle control lever to "start" position, that is: Start the alignment mark on the handle manipulator arm mark (see Figure 7)

(8) when the engine is cold, pull the choke lever to increase the concentration of combustible gas mixture, to facilitate easier to start the engine (see Figure 8)

(9) recoil start handle, after the engagement claw with the flywheel disc to be starter, quick pull start rope, the engine start, repeat the process until the engine is started up. (see Figure 9)

(10) the engine is started, should be idle for 2 to 3 minutes to warm up the engine, then the choke lever all pushed to the initial position, throttle to the minimum position. Heat engine without using the choke.

(11) After the engine is started, it should pay attention to the stability of the cooling water flows, in the absence of water or discontinuous water, should be down to check the reason. (see Figure 10)

(12) driving, you should turn off the ropes hanging on the wrist or belt, to ensure the safety of sailing (see Figure 11)