Maintenance of outboards

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Outboard motor maintenance under different conditions of use

In the cold season to maintain the use of

(1) outboard off in a short time, gear box should be immersed in water, to prevent the blocking waterways, damage to pumps, seals and other ice adhesion, causing damage to components.

After starting (2) shall observe the water is normal, idle for 5 to 10 minutes, so that the moving parts and gear box gear oil to warm, and then you start Guadang voyage.

(3) If the outboard longer disabled, you should outboard from the boat swarmed under and outboard internal appearance were easy maintenance.

Maintenance at sea sediment or water use

After use in seawater, rinse with clean fresh water cooling water, cooling water to prevent corrosion by the sea and the salt is deposited blockage. In the dirty, heavy sediment waters after use, application of clean fresh water cooling water, prevent premature wear of the pump impeller. (See Figure 1)

Maintenance outboards after drowning

Because of improper installation or operation inadvertent outboard into the water should be quickly recovered, and the outboard necessary processing;

(1) rinse with fresh water outboard external sludge, weeds, etc. (see Figure 2)

(2) Remove the spark plug, spark plug hole down, hand starter several times, excluding the engine water (see Figure 3)

(3) erected outboard drain the carburetor, fuel filter and oil deposit in each tubing, remove and clean the carburetor and fuel filters, and then, from the newly installed to the engine;

(4) to each cylinder injection oiler with the right amount of oil overboard, hand several times to fully distributed cylinder oil to the cylinder wall and the wall of the crankcase (see Figure 4)

(5) with compressed air electrical wires and electronic parts of the surface water;

(6) will be linked to the outboard boat, connect all the wires, with the spark plug cap connected, grounding the electrode flashover hand starter check, if everything is normal, installed spark plugs to start the engine and run 5 ~ after 10 minutes, it can be put into normal use.