Common failures and troubleshooting methods (1)

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Possible reasons for the failure of the fuel system
Cause analysisElimination method
Vent screw on the tank cap did not loosen
Counterclockwise unscrew vent screw
Tubing plug connection looseRe insert, make it a reliable connection
The tubing is twisted, flattening or leakageFinishing tubing, replace if broken new
Before the start of the hand pump is not squeezed, oil is not filled with fuel oilFeel squeezed by hand until the hand pump to harden the hand pump until the oil is full of fuel
When the cold start did not pull out the chokePull out the choke in the second or third goalkeeper position
Fuel filter cloggedClean or replace the new fuel filter
Carburetor oil duct blockageClean and air compressor to blow through the oil passage
Faulty fuel pump, not oilRepair or replace pump
Fuel storage too long or fuel containing impurities and moistureCleaning the fuel tank to the fuel tank is filled with fresh fuel
No oil fuel tankFill the fuel tank to the fuel

Possible causes of electrical system failure
Cause AnalysisMethod of exclusion

Flameout emergency card is not inserted on the cable stop switch slot

The flapper flameout emergency stop switch cable on the insertion slot

Spark plug fouling serious or type is not correct, or damage to the spark plug

Clean or replace the spark plug with the recommended type of spark plugs, replace if

damaged new

Spark plug cap not installedIt back securely attached to the spark plug
Tighten the spark plug did not cause air leakageRe-tighten the spark plug
Wire connector poor contact between theClean connectors, and insert it securely
Faulty ignition system partsFind out the reason, repair or replace the product
Start-up procedure is not normalStart the machine according to the instructions of step
Damage to internal engine partsPlayer checks, contact your dealer or replace the damaged parts