Common failures and troubleshooting methods (3)

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Possible causes fuel system failure
Cause AnalysisMethod of exclusion

Throttle linkage imbalance, so the carburetor throttle valve is not fully open

Re-adjust the throttle cable stretching the length of the throttle can be fully open position

Propeller pitch diameter or largerUse a smaller propeller size, to achieve the appropriate speed
Boat overloaded or load improperly distributedLoad shedding or re-adjust the load distribution

Transom is too low, leading to deep draft outboard boat traveling resistance increases

According to the instructions described in claim boat transom height change hanging
Bottom attachments too much, too much resistanceCleanup bottom attachments

Outboard motor trim angle incorrect

Be adjusted according to the method described in the specification

There are aquatic plants or other foreign material wound on a propeller or gearbox

Wound was removed and the liquidation of the propeller and gearbox underwater

Possible causes of engine overheating
Cause AnalysisMethod of exclusion

Thermostat failure or blockage

Repair or replacement of new products

Clogged inlet gearboxClear filter blockage

Damaged water pump impeller or pump floor, severely worn pump housing wall

Replace damaged parts

Transom is too high, leading to the gearbox out of the water intake

Press the manual explains, change the height of the transom of the boat
Excessive piston top cokeDisassemble engine maintenance, remove carbon deposits
Propeller blades bent or brokenRepair or replacement of the propeller
There are aquatic or foreign material is wound on the propellerStop, tilt the propeller, remove the winding material
Engine mounting bolts looseTighten mounting bolts
Upper or lower damping block Outboard damageReplace damaged damping block
A cylinder engine inoperativeCheck the electrical parts or the spark plug, the timely replacement
Lack of engine power, speed instabilityCheck the propeller is slipping, immediately replace