The storage and transportation of outboards

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New factory Outboard storage

a. After the outboard factory should be stored in dry, ventilated, non-corrosive materials warehouse.

b. When the outboard motor should be stored text and logo on the box claims, handled with care, not upside down to stacking height marked on the package shall not exceed the number of layers stacked.

c. the date of outboards from the factory of the effective storage period is two years, for extended storage outboard rubber seals should be checked whether the aging, whether oil spills. If necessary, replace the rubber seals.

With outboard motor for archive

Long-term (more than two months) without outboard should be sealed, but the following maintenance:

a. drain the carburetor float chamber, fuel filtration cup and fuel tubing.

b. Exclude cooling water in the water.

c. The outboard external water droplets and dirt wipe clean.

d. for grease lubrication points once.

e. Remove the spark plug with a machine oiler 15 to 20 grams injection two-stroke engine oil from the spark plug hole, slowly pull the actuator 3 to 5 times, so that the oil in the cylinder wall segments, fitted with a spark plug.

f. cleaning tank, remove residual oil pipeline, and wipe clean.

Outboard motor placed in transport crates

a. External should be fixed firmly and with care, not upside down to transportation should be rain, moisture, vibration crack drama. Outboard motor mounted on a boat haul together.

b. When used for outboard engine mounted on the boat if the boat and haul together, may be outboard vertical position, push the gear to "reverse" position to prevent the transport of propeller rotation. If uneven pavement can be warped to a certain outboard motor transport position. Same gear will push to "reverse" position to prevent the transport of propeller rotation.