Two stroke Outboards and fuel mixture ratio

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And the mixing ratio of the fuel

HANGKAI two-stroke outboards fuel used for lead-free number from 90 to 93 two-stroke gasoline and gas oil (TC-W3) mixed oil.

The new machine in the running and fuel oil during the volume ratio of 25: 1 (ie, the oil content of 4% gasoline);

After the run-in fuel and oil volume ratio of 50: 1 (ie, the oil content of 2% gasoline);

Fuel HANGKAI four-stroke outboards use as No. 90 to 93 pure gasoline, without mixing

Preparation of two-stroke outboards mixed oil

Formulated as follows :( see below)

(1) The required amount of oil injected into the fuel tank, then filling gasoline, oil and petrol injection Scale        

Range of useMixing ratio of gasoline and engine oil by volumeFuel tank capacity of 24 liters when oil safety
Lubricant oil injection amountFuel oil injection amount
Oil run-in period25:10.92 liters23.08 liters
Oil at the end of the run in period50:10.47 liters23.53 liters


Mixing oil and petrol, oil injection amount in Table 1

(2) The fuel tank cap screwed onto the fuel tank, the fuel tank cap vent screw clockwise tightening;

(3) Shake the fuel tank, gasoline and oil thoroughly mixed.