Outboards adjustment

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Throttle control lever to adjust the damping force

The adjustment screw is swirled in a clockwise direction, the damping force is increased, when the counterclockwise rotation, the damping force is reduced; (see Figure 1)

Steering damping force adjustment

Hand push, pull manipulator arm so steering the boat, the size of the damping force can be adjusted according to the operator's needs. The method of adjusting the adjusting bolt is rotated clockwise rotating the side of the bracket, increasing cyclotron damping force, rotate counterclockwise, the damping force is reduced; (see Figure 2)

Adjust the throttle linkage mechanism

(1) The idle throttle limit screw screwed into the compression spring is in a free state position;

(2) rotating the joystick, will be the first move of the throttle cable mounted on the outside of the wheel groove pull state, the other mounted inside the delivery status;

(3) Loosen the lock nut, adjust the throttle cable length, until two cable when rotating the joystick, throttle can be opened, can return when in the free state so far;

(4) Start the engine "neutral" idle speed control in the range of 1300 rev / min to 1400 rev / min, if the engine speed is too low, the clockwise rotating tools available random carburetor idle adjustment screw, if the engine speed is too high, on the contrary.

Adjustment (5) the engine idling combustible mixture is mainly based on engine idling time job stability and ambient temperature, typically in high ambient temperature, the mixture concentration can be adjusted appropriately thin side, with random tools counterclockwise mixture adjusting screw 1/4 turn, observe the engine idling stability, and vice versa.

Check and adjust the spark plug electrode gap

Spark plug type recommended for: NGK BR7HS-10 T0RCH E7RC, its electrode gap of 0.9 to 1.0 mm. (see Figure 3)