HANGKAI Electric Outboards

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Hang Kai outboard brushless motor is committed to protecting our environment

Low noise, no pollution                             

HangKai outboard motor in use, carry and no gasoline at storage;

No gasoline, not dirty closet, trunk and your clothes;        

Use process does not exist inhale exhaust damage to health;

Noise generated run-time is very low, it does not affect the conversation on board;

No combustion of gasoline, there is no emission;

No fuel, there is no fuel leakage;

No oil, no oil.

Leading outboard motor efficiency, strong propulsive power

HangKai in improving electric outboard engine efficiency has been spared, and remarkable results; analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of electric outboards on the market at present after the technical team developed the energy efficiency can be maximized utilization of favor in the more small body weight and volume of the issue is large propulsion power, after long arguments and experiments, Air Kay outboard motor function of any other leading brand of electric outboard.